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Legacy was formed in the Summer of 2020 and is based out of Virginia Beach looking to have remote locations in multiple music hubs around the globe with 40 years of combined experience in the music industry between the trio.  From Engineering, production, playing/running live sound and touring Nationally with names like Birdman, Kevin Rudolf, Cartel, Coheed and Cambria and Lil Wayne. From all realms and genres of the music industry, this trifecta has all aspects covered. Outside of music, this team knows business! All three members currently run multiple successful businesses from Real Estate to Website development. They all felt pulled to put music back to the center focus and the timing was right.. They are making waves Insanely fast as their talent collectively and connections have expedited their process to being a soon to be huge player in the industry. They have recently signed upcoming artist Meaghan Rose (@meaghanrosemusic) and connected with multi platinum A&R/Talent manager Joshua Mitchell(@imjallen)to help them with their launch to the charts.  Meaghan Rose DEBUT single to be released in October and Full Album “Rose’ilium” to be released 2021.


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Steven Middleton

Owner/Co founder

Rondell Cobbs II

Owner/Co founder

Edwin Camacho

Owner/Co founder

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Legacy is a one stop shop for Management, Artist Development, Production, writing, and publishing with the end goal evolving into a label. From innovation on the workflow and ideas with collaboration. From writing to all the way to Engineering these guys know their music and how to develop any artist to stardom. They are building a solid team of producers/reps/songwriters around the country to collab with, but leading the way is 3quency headed by Allan Edwards (@allanedwards) based in Atlanta, Georgia With placements in the top 40 charts with Kevin Gates, Baby E, Bibby, Rotimi, NICX, and Lil Wayne. Legacy has taken the moral doing business the right way and used that foundation to attract some of the top talent around the world. 

Our target audience is artists, producers, influencers, engineers, songwriters of all levels from indie artists looking to get doors opened in the music industry to established Artists/producers looking to make changes musically and taking them from great to AMAZING.

This team has been working in the major part of the music industry specifically with multiple multi-Platinum artists, songwriters, and established A&Rs and producers for over a decade. From tools to connections Legacy Entertainment Group knows the way to the top. 

Being in the industry for many years seeing and learning many things both good and bad shaped the beginning of this idea for all three founding members. They saw a hole they felt they could fill. Treating people the right way for the long term and building the foundation with integrity where everyone involved feels safe and secure is their vision. Doing this allows massive amounts of inspiration to flow between each other along with the work they do. Legacy wants to help connect the best talent in the world to the right opportunities on every level possible and their hard work speaks for itself. Leaving a positive Legacy one

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We elevate your authority by establishing & growing your digital footprint

Artist Management

We help clients book gigs, plan album projects, orchestrate record releases and tours, create marketing and merchandising strategies, get paid for their work, and establish and pursue long-term career goals.

Music & Song Production

Our producers can create music for you in any style using instruments, electronic music, orchestra or a mix depending on the required sound.

Marketing & Publications

We help launch our clients through the power of media using different publications and targeting clients towards their right audience and demographics gaining insights on what fans love.

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Meghan Rose

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