Ken Dior is a young artist from Portsmouth Virginia.

Ken uses his music to express his way to the top of the entertainment industry while also being the voice of the people, not afraid to speak on the struggles or shame to be themselves.

Ken has a heart of gold and is electrifying to be around! What sets him apart as an artist is that everything he does on vocals is 100% authentic and genuine. Ken’s a hard worker and knows that with this team, he is on his way to the top. He vibes with everyone, can create hits in ANY genre- nothing is out of his control or comfort zone.

He has found his sound as an artist first. He is not just a rapper, he’s a true & talented recording artist focused on building his own wave through his craft and constantly overcoming the person he was yesterday. His focus on how and what will allow him to express himself sonically and reach a widespread audience is crucial to Ken.

“We’re in it to win it spreading love and positivity all the way” Ken says.

Poppin premiered on December 16th of 2021 as his first his single and music video! Check it out now.